Architectural Lighting

Light up your life and illuminate your home with inspired Architectural Lighting from Arcadia Home & Living.

Good lighting is as important as the architecture of your home itself. Why invest time and effort building a beautiful home or interior space, for the lighting to ruin the effect or your mood.

Architectural lighting is used in combination with design, ensuring that the end result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The correct architectural lighting adds depth and interest to a room, whilst ensuring its occupants wellbeing is considered.

Architectural lighting design is both an art and a science – your designer will draw on their expertise to ensure that lighting complements the rest of the room, whilst ensuring that function, usability and efficiency are all considered in the final design.

We work with a number of luxury brands including Bocci & Terzani

Charley Nichols.

Charley provides design expertise for Home Interiors, Luxury Kitchens, Luxury Bathrooms and Architectural Lighting .