Arcadia Home & Living was instructed by our client who was keen to have the most energy efficient system possible for their new build on the North Norfolk coast. After initial research and consultation, it was agreed that a ground source heat pump would be the best solution for providing all the heating and hot water demands.

The house itself would require enough hot water to supply four bath/shower rooms, utility and kitchen services. As a result, it was agreed that we would install two 400ltr calorifiers and a 500ltr cold water accumulator to ensure maximum water pressure and flow to all outlets no matter how many were being used at the same time.

As accredited Stiebel Eltron installers, it was a natural choice to install their WPF 13S ground source heat pump, calorifiers and buffer vessel. On this project, as with others with similar geography, we agreed that an open loop borehole was the best solution. Our chosen sub-contractors drilled two 30m boreholes, one to act as the water source, the other to be the discharge/soakaway. This is a great solution if you have the natural resources to hand. We had a consistent flow of 11 degree water, which would yield very good results going into the heat exchanger.

We installed under floor heating on all three floors of the property, which again provided the most efficient results when partnered with the heat pump. We installed Heatmiser Neo smart controls throughout, allowing the client to control each room temperature independently and remotely via an app on a smart device. This is a very popular way to control heating and hot water as it means you can turn things on or off at any time or any place without the need to actually be in the house.

We also installed two Rais multifuel burners, which added a touch of Scandinavian chic to the respective rooms.

Electrically, we carried out a full electrical installation. This incorporated all the smart heating controls, heat and energy metering and RAKO smart lighting throughout. The client supplied many of the pendant lights, many of which had to be hand built or refurbished but looked incredible once installed.

Our electrical team worked closely with the architect and interior designer to help achieve the client’s vision for the lighting layout, both in the house and in the garden and outside areas. We provided and installed fibre optic lighting to the amazing steam and sauna room.

The build was further future proofed with the addition of an EV – electric vehicle charge point, which we supplied and installed in the front garage area.

On completion of the project we presented the client with his MCS certificate which would allow him to claim his renewable heat incentive for the next seven years.