The zappi charges environmentally conscious and greener by applying as much as possible of its own consumption and pulling out of the grid as little as possible. This way you will be driving cheaper and cleaner. With the zappi charger you can make maximum use of your own electricity production. 

zappi is a smart charger, on several fronts:

  1. zappi is completely freely programmable, you can set with timers exactly when loading is allowed so you can make maximum use of the lowest rates without thinking about it.
  2. zappi has dynamic load balancing. This means that it takes into account your maximum capacity, your main fuse and other consumers such as hob, washing machine, etc so your car is charged at maximum strength, without you having to take anything else into account. zappi regulates the strength itself and ensures that all your devices continue to function at home.
  3. zappi keeps track of all your loading sessions. This allows you to read exactly how many kWh are loaded per day, week, month, year or session.