Much has changed since Carl Neff made his first oven in 1877. People all over the world have rolled up their sleeves and shared in the joys and chores of cooking. 

Global ingredients have become local ingredients. And from humble beginnings, the kitchen has grown in stature, to become the centrepiece of the home - often with a NEFF oven right at its heart.  

NEFF has continued to innovate through the years, with various technology like the VarioSteam, which ads moisture to the oven in form of steam, making your food healthier and more succulent, whilst NEFF's FlexInduction hob ensures that heat is directed only to the pan and the rest of your cooking area stays cool.

Other features like the Slide&Hide door, for no more awkward bending, and CircoTherm simultaneous cooking, which allows you to cook different dishes at the same time without any intermingling of flavours, are only some examples of NEFF's innovative technology.